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Challenge #2: Repentance

In a terrible action caused by the influence of the One Ring, Boromir succumbs to the temptation and attacks Frodo. He soon after realizes the error of his ways, and repents...thus showing his true good nature. Poor guy goes through Udun for it though.

Picture Challenge:
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

Theme Challenge: "You fool!"
~ You may use any pic you can find but it must be of Boromir looked enraged/angry.

Challenge Notes:
+You may submit up to 2 icons for each challenge, so a total of 4
+You may blend the pictures in the Pictures Challenge
+Entries may be submitted up until 5 PM, August 25, Friday (Pacific Time)
+Voting will start shortly after and run until 12 AM, August 26, Saturday (Pacific Time)

~Challenge ends at 5 PM, August 25, Friday (Pacific Time)

Number of Entries: 14
Tags: challenge
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