lady_boromir (lady_boromir) wrote in boromir_stills,

Challenge #2 Winners!

Here are the winners for Challenge #2: Repentance!

Picture Challenge:

First Place: by whitelady3

Second Place: by theleopard

Third Place: by crazy_in_lost

Mod's Choice: by fileg_

Theme Challenge:

First Place: by fileg_

Second Place: by crazy_in_lost

Third Place: by lady_boromir

Third Place: by theleopard

Mod's Choice: No Mod's Choice for Theme this week because there were two third places. :)

Most Sexiest: by lady_boromir *LB blushes*

Congrats to all those who placed! I look forward to seeing your entries next week as well and don't forget to keep promoting boromir_stills! :D
Tags: winners
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